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panasonic service center mumbai

Panasonic Service Center Mumbai


Our Panasonic service & repair center offers comprehensive repair services to clients on Panasonic LED, LCD, PLASMA & MICROWAVE OVENS. The repair services are provided by the technicians who are specially trained to work on the Panasonic products only. They are trained by the Panasonic company engineer to offer the best repair services to the client.

The comprehensive repair services of the PANASONIC SERVICE & REPAIR CENTER covers plasma television, LCD, LED television & MICROWAVE OVEN repair. We provide systematic repair services by keeping record of every complaint the nature of the complaint and then assigning the complaint to the technicians who are trained to resolve the issues. The client is given the estimated time of the delivery of the repaired product.

Our back office keeps track of the repair progress and ensures that the issue is fixed before the estimated time of delivery. The client is informed and products are delivered before the delivery time. PANASONIC SERVICE & REPAIR CENTER we only use original and genuine spare parts in all products repaired by us. As a reputed One of the advantages of taking the services of our service center is that technicians understand the products well and do not handle the products roughly. They know the proper way of opening a Panasonic product and detecting the problem. Sometimes even just a mention of the problem by the client helps them to go directly to the faulty part by opening only specific part of the product. Unlike service center technicians, who open all parts of the product to detect the source of the problem the service center technicians just directly approach the faulty part. Another benefit is that we use appropriate tools and troubleshooting methods to find the problem.